“ As a model and actress I have been searching for a fabulous product that works…especially under makeup. I recently did a shoot and the makeup artist said that she had never seen her products go over skin so smoothly and what was I using? I told her about MH and the N ject serum which is a great base for makeup. The Ndulge moisturizer hydrates the skin so its like silk. I also LOVE the exfoliating repair prepare because it’s mild and leaves the skin so smooth yet removes the debris from the day. I don’t think I am going to get wrinkles because I am starting the prevention process NOW with MH3! I recommend it for all ages because as Marilyn would say ”I want to grow old without facelifts..I want to have courage to be loyal to the face I have made”

Hunter Sienna, Portrays Marilyn Monroe Glamaholic Magazine November 2011

“I just had a facial – after using your products for 3 months – I was told I had “beautiful skin” and to “keep doing what I’m doing” – it is working! I have never, in all my years, been told that after a facial! So MH3, I am one of your biggest fans!”

Nancy Taipale, beauty blogger of

“I just cancelled my Botox appointment after using MH3 products! I can’t believe how my fine lines have literally disappeared. I love the way my makeup goes on over the serum and moisturizer. My skin feels like silk. After using the hemp hand and body cream my feet and hands feel like I just had a luxurious spa treatment. Bye Bye Botox! ”

Ana Cartwright Anas Design Studio “ Seamstress to the Band”

“I found the best Botox alternative in MH3 Innovenom. It firms and smoothes my skin and reduces my wrinkles. As a swimmer I need to re- hydrate my skin. I love the way MH3 products feel on my skin and the Innovenom really works! “Who needs surgery!

Michelle Cameron Gold Medal Olympic Winner Synchronized Swimming

“I’m 50 years old, never had any significant problems with my skin and quite honestly always believed to be aging rather gracefully… until 3 years ago. That’s when my 4-year-old daughter paid me one of her sweetest compliments by saying: mommy, you are so beautiful… but why do you have cracks in your face? “Needless to say, that was the year I introduced myself to heavy duty skin care products, including Botox. Your line showed me immediate results. I used it just for one month and I see stunning changes. My little “cracks” have relaxed, my skin does not feel fifty, my makeup goes on smooth and stays fresh all day long. At my last facial appointment, I was told my skin looks amazing. So amazing that I canceled my last appointment for Botox. I’m convinced that with Miracle Hydrate and MH3, I can be yummy at 50!”

Rita Eitelbach

“I’ve tried the entire MH3 product line and I love the results! I’ve always had good skin (thanks, Mom), but now that I’m in my 50’s I really want to fight those little wrinkles that appear under my eyes and especially between my eyebrows. “I’ve thought about using Botox but I’m not really anxious to inject anything into my face. But now that I’ve found the Miracle Hydrate products, I don’t even need it. Those lines have completely relaxed and my face is smoother and younger looking than it’s been in years. Thanks, MH3, for creating such a terrific skincare line!”

Libby Gill Author of Traveling Hopefully Howdy! I met y’all at the Oscar gift suite at aqua lounge on Thursday! I’m the smaller blonde country singer and actress. {I’m the one who had just sang the national anthem for the Olympic hockey team the night before!} I started using your product on Thursday night. I LOVE it! It sounds ridiculous but I swear I can see a difference, meaning it looks like I’ve slept more than 3 or 4 hours! Thank you so much for your kindness and for introducing me to your product! It was so nice meeting you and y’all looked BEAUTIFUL! :O)


WOW! IT GIVES MY HANDS A WHOLE NEW SURFACE! RACHAEL REY TALK SHOW HOST Kristen Lifter just thought you should know, I shed a tear today when I realized I was out of miracle hydrate moisturizer you’ve turned me into an addict hahaha
As a working mom with three children (including twins) with a rigorous schedule I needed to find a simple system for my skin care needs. MH3 is just that. It’s 5 simple steps and I am out the door. No fuss or products that are not needed. At 50..Oops don’t tell (: I feel better than ever and I can say MH3 is better than any product.. even the really expensive ones, which coincides with my budget! Thanks Deb and Bryn! PS That Venom really works BTW!

Debi Manweiller Emmy Award Winning Casting Director

Good Morning! I just finished my review of the N ject line elimination!!! It truly is a wonderful product and I want to get some for my mom. I had surgery in June and have been putting the serum on my scars. I have seen a tremendous decrease in the color and visibility. Have a great holiday weekend!!

Katherine Krohn AmeriPak Industries

I used the products n loved them but was also using mine to put the texture in prospects hands. I haven’t used it since i returned from iowa…..did a facial this morning …. My face is saying…Thank you …Thank you!!! I really love these products… I have used Lancôme, Clinique and Olay… Love MH!!!! Blessings to you on this Sunday!!! Peace!!!

Verna Okief

“ I started to use MH when I met the owners Brynja and Deb at an event in Beverly Hills. As an actress in Los Angeles approaching 40 I was considering Botox but was fighting the concept as I really promote natural solutions as a mother and health advocate in my life and on my blog. I really found a solution in MH3 as my skin appears vibrant and silky and the fine lines have all but disappeared. I am putting off any more thoughts of injectibles for now!” Thanks MH!

Elizabeth Rohm Actress

“ MH3 has changed my life as I find I do not need makeup to cover fine lines or blemishes as they are gone! I am constantly on stage under harsh lights and I was desperate for a skin regime that was really effective as they all say they are but few really work for me. The whole product line together had produced magical results and I feel so blessed to have MH3. It’s so simple and when something works you just have to share it with others! I am glowing! Thanks Deb and Bryn!

Nyee Moses Top 10 Billboard Artist



“ My skin is so sensitive and the MH3 system has worked beautifully for me. I feel like a new woman as my skin is baby soft and my husband even asked me the other day what was different as if I had done something. LOL…its MH3 and the instant fresh glow I have as soon as I put it on and I love the smell because it’s fresh..awwww… and men love it too!

Shea Chambers Emmy Nominated Songstress

I have a full life as a veterinarian to the stars in Malibu, California. As a mother of two active boys and working full time I was looking for a skin care line that would be simple (I don’t like to fuss with lengthy regimes) and ward off the elements of the sun and protect my skin from the constant exposure to the elements that surround me working by the sea and with animals. My skin has never looked better and I love how MH3 protects my skin with MH3’s natural UV that lets my skin look radiant and still fresh after a hard days work. I found that in MH3 and that” fresh” look stays throughout the day. My skin is vibrant and beautiful all day long”

Dana Deperno Malibu Calif. Veterinarian

“ I have a busy practice as a cosmetic dentist and use Botox and other procedures to enhance my work. I have been using MH3 as a Botox enhancer in between treatments as the patients find that the results are enhanced and the duration of treatments are extended. The MH3 line is packed with modern technology not seen in products today. The results are stunning and I am so proud to endorse MH in my practice as a skin care that really works! ”

Dr. Michael Abian Southland Dental, Sherman Oaks

I am being honest; victim of 5 skin cancers (melanoma, basil cell carcinoma; malignant keritosis, whatever) ; now challenged by something== dermatitis, eczema, psorasis, painful whatever; my face and arm is being soothed by your MIRACLE– unbelievabe–but I now have hope– I am getting better — little my little.

JR Joyce Rebhun, JD, MBA, PhD*