Brynja McGrady and Deborah Flattery co-founders Miracle Hydrate MH3

Meet The Ambitious Creators Of MH3

Deborah Flattery is an internationally renowned concept designer with a background in mathematics, medical research and cosmetology. Brynja McGrady was an actress, model and worked for cosmetic giants such as Max Factor, Revlon, Clairol and Avon. Deb and Bryn have been working together for years combining their unique ideas that have brought them much success. They both saw how well high-priced cosmetics made women look and feel and decided to embark on an extraordinary and remarkable journey. They went on a mission for years searching for a better anti-aging, luxury product everyone could afford. After much sacrifice, research, and dedication they created MH3 by infusing exotic ingredients around the world to provide the most revolutionized line of anti-aging products. Together with their passion and creativity they continue to redefine skincare and set the trend for the skin care world.

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LINE ELIMINATION SERUM – This imaginative serum represents the first true step reducing the appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. The inclusion of Innovenomâ„¢, allows this formula to give you the feeling of relaxing your facial muscles to minimize the appearance of deep facial expressions. 30ml / 4.28oz

The Result: Targets line elimination and your skin, Re-Imagined.


WRINKLE REVERSE EYES This exclusive eye treatment increases brightness around the delicate eye area while working to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Nvision reduces puffiness and combats dark circles, while also brightening and moisturizing the skin. 30ml / 1 FL OZ

The result: Smoother, brighter skin and your eyes, Re-Born.


EXTREME REGENERATION MOISTURE – This luxurious moisturizer absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving a soft silky feeling. It also helps reduce the appearance of aging.. 30ml / 4.41oz

The result: Smoothed lines and wrinkles and your skin, Re-Stored.


AGE REVERSING HAND & BODY LOTION – This enriching cream penetrates deeply into hands and body to soothe and smooth skin. It is non-greasy, fast absorbing and leaves skin feeling instantly renewed. Hemp, a natural source of linolenic and linoleic essential fatty acids, provides skin what it needs to help repair itself. Hemp helps influence the skin’s moisture content and reduce the appearance of age spots. It is the experience of a luxurious spa treatment in the palm of your hands. 150ml / 5.82oz

The result: Diminish surface imperfections and your skin, Re-Animated.


CELLULAR EXFOLIATION SCRUB – This rejuvenating facial scrub refines skin and washes away any particle that hinders the natural glow of skin. It purifies and deep cleans using specially formulated jojoba-infused micro-beads. The exotic fruit extracts, green tea extract and antioxidants of grape seed allows a natural way to restore and repair damaged skin. Repair/Prepare leaves skin feeling enhanced and blemish free. 100 ml/4.2oz

The result: Cleanses environmental pollutants and your skin, Re-Invigorated.

ANTI AGING MIRACLES Duo Serum/ Moisturizer

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